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Sufficient insurance coverage is an important aspect of homeownership. Buying homeowners insurance, or home insurance, means buying protection for your home — both inside and out.


Your landlord's policy covers your walls and roof, but what happens in an event of fire or theft. Renters Insurance protects you and your personal property.


Premier South Insurance puts you in the driver's seat for auto products. We can simplify your life with our large range of products and carriers designed to keep you safe and save you money.


Most homeowner's insurance policies do not cover flood. Protect yourself against the unexpected, and ensure you are fully covered in a disaster.

Our clientsall of them are satisfied

“Switching to Premier South was so simple. I saved money and they took the stress out of canceling my current policies" - Darren O'Brien

"Buying insurance has never been easier. I feel confident my family is completely protected" - Peter Egan

"I never felt like I was being sold. If you want total coverage without the pitch, Premsouth is the place to go" - Zach Johnson